(Hensley) From Faster
The fearful storm will break and all the earth will shake
And evil hearts will pay for their mistakes

You knew this day would come, now there’s nowhere left to run
And now you know there’s nothing left to say

And no one’s gonna sleep tonight, there’s terror in the wind
You cannot know just what it is when it will end or where it begins

The gods of peace are angry now
You pushed their patience much too far
And you can never be prepared
For this is power from beyond the stars, beyond the stars

He said he would return nut you refused to learn
You had your chance but now you’re gonna burn

This final battle you can’t win
Against the countless warriors of the king
The multitude is following your fall…

And mine will be whitest horse carrying his mighty sword
And if you try to take my life from me
You’ll only speed my holy destiny

You had your time, you’ll have no more
The king will rule this killing floor
Instead of choosing peace… you chose your war!

The faithful and the king have stopped the suffering
And the conquerors will sing in endless peace

The lion and the lamb fulfilled the master plan
And finally the world is on its knees