(Hensley) From Faster
I donít believe anything, I donít believe anyone
Iím still trying to figure out where I belong
I donít believe a thing Iíve heard, I donít believe a single word
ĎCause when you say that itís alright it all goes wrong

(They say) you canít please everyone but I donít need anyone
It doesnít matter what I do, Itís never good enough for youÖ So

No, no, no, I wonít go, go, go down that same old road forever
Njet, nein, no, I wonít my sell my soul, not before the end of never

It doesnít matter what you say, I donít hear you anymore
Iím listening to the music that I get for free
I donít believe your stupid lies, I see the truth with my own eyes
But I donít think you realize youíre losing me

I donít need you to waste my time, Iíve had it with this pantomime
Iíve got a lotta shit to do that donít include youÖ So