(Hensley) From Faster
Walking around with my head held down
Like Iím looking for hope in my shoes
Expecting to see my obituary
At the top of the 5-o-clock news

I was mad, I was sad, I really felt bad
With no reason I could easily find
My wheels were off track
I could only look back
To see that I was wasting my time

Self-pity and sorrow, today and tomorrow
I canít find a friend so this must be the end

But at the last minute my eyes were opened
At the last minute it all came right
I received more than
My heart had hoped for
At the last minute I sawÖ The light

In the city of light there are
Mountains of hope
With a valley of peace in between
Thereís a river of love
Running right through its heart
I felt like I was living a dream

Life without trouble, a day without end
Hope everlasting and a genuine friend

It may be hard to believe
But I know that itís right
Itís all thereÖ in the city of light

Self-pity and sorrow, confusion and doubt
Beginning to wonder if Iíd ever break out