KEN HENSLEY "SET ME FREE (From Yesterday)"

(Hensley) From Faster
Your eyes donít lie, they try to tell me why
Your eyes canít hide tThe way you feel inside
Your words are kind meant to ease my mind
But your eyes donít lie and baby Iím not blind

Your heartís grown cold and your storyís getting old
But Iím the fool for listening to the lies you told
Itís the same sad song where it all goes wrong
I guess thatís when we find out where we all belong

So let me goÖ NowÖ Right away
Baby, set me freeÖ From yesterday

I donít wanna wait, itís already too late
Iíll never understand what turned our love to hate
No turning back time on love so blind
I just gotta run and leave it all behind

Itís time for me to go, Iíll find another road
Donít matter anymore that you choose to lose
I gave it all I had and it wasnít all bad
Iíll find better place for all the dreams I have