(Hensley) From Faster
This time it hurts a little bit more
This time it seems much more real
This time the painís more intense than before
And I donít like how I feel

We had these bad days once in a while
(They) usually came with the rain
This time itís different, the emptiness here
Where only my dreams remain

(Itís) slipping awayÖ Further and further every day
(Itís) slipping away but this heartacheís not going away

(Now) I really miss you, thatís certainly true
And I donít know what to do
If we live and we learn tell me which way to turn
ĎCause all of my future was you

When something so great starts to stumble and break
It kinda shifts to reverse
Something so good at first takes a turn for the worse
Welcome to the loverís curse

Donít point your pointless existence at me
I like it here, itís where I wanna be
You took my life and you threw it away
Let me beÖ